10 Visual Content Formats That Win Over the Audience

In any marketing strategy, the visual content that we use is very relevant. We are observing the accelerated and revolutionary changes that are taking place in the main channels of communication and dissemination of content: Social Networks . This is why we must be very attentive to trends. And do you know that one of the trends is that users prefer less text and more visual content? We have often heard that ” an image is worth a thousand words “, and it seems that there are people who perceive an image better than a text. We must keep in mind that this is not a commandment nor is it absolutely true. The brain has ways of learning. Have you heard of VAK mode? Scientific studies have shown that there are three modes of learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. It has also been conclude that a person can learn according to all three types, or some of them; and this can vary in the same person, in space and in time.

Making them more attractive

That is, although it is a research study, it is not concluded that it is absolutely determining. However, we can see how the world of images and videos invade us. And Uruguay Phone Number List from Nido Colectivo we want to share with you 10 visual content formats that win over the audience , in the understanding that they will add interest to what you write, more edible and more shareable. Captivate your audience with these visual content formats 1. Photographs Let’s start with the most traditional, but one that will never go out of style : photographs . Each photo is a composition where a story is shown that carries a unique message.

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Undoubtedly help you tell the story

It is all an art and inspiration what is behind a photo. When using this visual medium we will find that many photographs are protect by copyright; that CG Leads this is not a setback for your content. Thanks to sites like unsplash and pixabay you can have access to millions of images that will  you have in mind. There are also other photo banks that you can use, you just have to pay a subscription to access the photos. Don’t feel like using photos you didn’t create? Cool. Building an original brand is a wonderful opportunity to make your own content and start taking your own photos.

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