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The ability to call a callback form when clicking on any button on the site – for example, callback can be trigger after the user fills out and submits an online application. Setting the callback logic – you can choose who to call first: a client or a manager. Enabling a manager’s voice notification when a call is receive through the callback form. platform Learn more Use dedicate review tracking services You can, of course, manually “comb” the resources daily, on which reviews may hypothetically appear: feedback sites; marketplaces; third-party publications on social networks that mention the brand; forums; blogs; comments on articles in thematic media; personal pages of users.

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But this work, again, takes a lot of time. Moreover, there are special services – the so-call scanners, which automatically find brand mentions and can even USA Phone Number List determine the tone of a comment. Google Alerts . This is a free notification system from Google. You need to specify: brand query you are interest in, search sources: news, blogs, discussions in social networks; the desire frequency of receiving the report: instantly, daily, weekly; email to which notifications will be sent. Google Alerts Babkee is another free social media brand tracking tool. You can: create two monitoring objects; collect up to 3,000 notifications per month for each object; store the history of collect references; analyze basic reports.


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The tone of comments is not automatically recognize, so you have to study all mentions. Repometr.com is a service for monitoring reviews. It collects mentions from 14 different resources: maps: Google Maps, 2GIS; review sites. The service analyzes the data and shows it in one interface. YouScan is a service that helps you search for any mention of a brand, public figure, or product. Of particular interest is the ability to analyze pictures – to recognize photos or illustrations that show the logo, name, brand symbols.

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